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Enjoy your terrace, independent from weather - thanks to terrace roofings by Vöroka

SAPHIR solar veranda terrace roofings

Make ideal use of your terrace at any weather by moving the sliding wall and roof elements of the SAPHIR solar veranda into almost any direction. The special, slightly curved structure directs the sun's rays in such a way that it creates additional thermal energy, which can be transferred into the living quarters.

This way, your terrace does not only become your permanent favorite spot all year round, but is also an effective way of saving energy in your household.

SAPHIR topas terrace roofings

Relaxing in nature with a view on the garden is of high value. Too bad that the weather often limits this. The terrace roofing SAPHIR TOPAS provides additional room for relaxation, even if it's cool and rainy.

The special panoramic built offers an unobstructed view of your garden. When the sun is shining, you simply slide the elements apart and enjoy nature. Let us advise you. You will be surprised how easy it will be to realize your additional room of relaxation.

Loggia terrace roofings

The specially developed profile of the Loggia terrace and balcony roofing perfectly adapts to existing buildings. The curved elements can be slid apart easily, depending on the weather, and thus transform inside into outside just as you wish.

Custom made builts and invididual designs

Our models have inspired you, but your terrace has an extravagant form, where different basic models or heights should be combined?

No problem at all for the thought-out construction concept of VÖROKA. We have been developing, planning and construction optimized roofing solutions for our customers for more than 50 years. Talk to us, your roofing specialist for pools and outdoor facilities.

Your terrace is your absolute favorite place during the warm summer months?
Why only during summer?

A terrace roofing by VÖROKA makes you independent from weather.
The special form and structure makes ideal use of light and sun and provides pleasant temperatures even in winter. Your place in the sun with a panoramic view of your garden; why not get some nonbinding advice from us?

We are looking forward to your call.

  • Conservatory or terrace? Why not both? Terrace roofings by Vöroka
  • No matter if summer or winter, rain or sun – a terrace roofing by Vöroka will always give you access to outdoors
  • SAPHIR TOPAS – the one with corners
  • Move from inside to outside – with a terrace roofing by Vöroka
  • Custom solutions for terrace roofings – no problem with Vöroka
  • Terrace roofings by Vöroka - your competent partner for the outdoor environment
  • Terrace roofings by Vöroka - always a good choice
  • With think around the corner for you - roofings by Vöroka
  • Use your terrace all year long - with a terrace roofing
  • We are your partner for custom terrace roofing solutions

Enjoy your terrace, independent from weather - thanks to terrace roofings by Vöroka

Thanks to a terrace roofing you can use your patio whenever you want. Defy the weather with Vöroka.

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